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Introduce your new students or employees to the unwritten rules of Danish culture


The "Welcome to Denmark"  event is hosted by Kay Xander Mellish, host of the long-running "How to Live in Denmark" podcast. It will present your students or new employees with the basics of everyday life in Denmark - everything from the importance of being on time to the meaning of Jantelov to the best way to make Danish friends.

Kay Xander Mellish, an American who has lived in Denmark for more than a decade, is the author of two books on life as a foreigner in Denmark: How to Live in Denmark (2014 and 2017) and How to Work in Denmark (2018). 

The "Welcome to Denmark" event is an entertaining, informative presentation your audience of newcomers will enjoy. 



"It was a pleasure to have you around at the introduction day. Your speech was spot on in regards to Danes and Danish values and it was lot of fun for us. One of the older international students came to me and said. “I wish I had heard this speech when I first came to Denmark - gosh how many mistakes I could have prevented then."

- METTE ØSTERGAARD SAMUELSEN, International udviklingsleder, UCN AALBORG


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Book a "Welcome to Denmark" event for your school or corporation.  Questions?  Call +45 26 83 64 88.

You can also get information about Kay's other presentations, How to Work in Denmark and Drop Dit Danglish.



Kay Xander Mellish's popular books on Denmark  "How to Live In Denmark: Updated Edition", currently available at the Danish National Museum gift shop and her new book "How to Work in Denmark" are the basis for the "Welcome to Denmark" presentation.

Contact Kay about bulk orders or adding the books to your curriculum or the product assortment at your school bookstore.